Monday, September 13, 2004

Finished working on the K-Meleon Unofficial browser.

Here it is the new unofficial version website:
The main work I did was the Chinese translation. You can take a look and try this fast and light web browser.

- Dorian made the static compilation for this build, translations, test work and integrated additional functions.
He invested a lot of his time to make this possible!
- Hao Jiang translated the browser including the internal menus of all plugins into simplified Chinese.
- Fast Sjonny taylored the specialized chrome that keeps the brew fast while supporting some Firefox .xpi plugins, added
macro's, the boxed_classic theme and translated into Dutch. He claims he enjoyed working together with the other four
members in this project and he invested much time into the project.
- guenter did some testing, some macro-searching, selected .xpi add-ons and claims, he learned something during the project?


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